We’re here to help you find the perfect employee.

Camp 6 will equip and power your company with the most intelligent, skilled, and dynamic candidates using fair practices.

Our Services

We offer organizations a wide range of services, with different options so you can find the choice that works best for your business.

Permanent Contingency

This one-time fee is based on a percentage of the candidate’s first year base salary, with a one-time replacement guarantee. The fee is based on the length of the guarantee.

Managed Services

This option will charge you a monthly fee that is fairly priced for our outsourced recruitment services. The fee is based on the specific hiring volume of the clients. Roles are filled at a lower percentage fee than contingency and are perfect for companies that need to make larger volume hires. This means lower fees, set, non-variable rates, as well as a more cost-effective way to staff your business.

Group Hires

Should you need to build a team consisting of a minimum of three people, we offer a volume discount. Alternatively, we can offer a flat rate for hiring a team. The pricing is based on the candidate’s experience required, as well as the number of employees needed and the type of hire.


If preferred, we are available to conduct and facilitate interviews at your business’ office. The fee is based on the length of the project.

A La Carte

Should you not want to engage us in full-service recruitment but still require assistance, we can offer customized, à la carte, services. This option offers companies a flexible and customizable option when full recruiting services are not required.

Our Services Include

  • Scheduling and conducting a call or in-person meeting with your business for the purposes of discovery
  • Drafting and finalizing job descriptions
  • Posting the job ad
  • Reviewing resumes and selecting candidate(s)
  • Conducting a phone screening
  • Writing a short candidate review and assessment
  • Submission of top candidates
  • Completion of the process, which includes setting up the interviews, conducting the in-person interviews, offer presentation and benefits