We’re here to help you land your dream job.

Camp 6 forcibly shines a light on the vast and remarkable talent that all Canadians have to offer regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Our Services

A recruitment agency will help sell your candidature throughout the entire employment process, from the early prospecting stages to championing your application throughout the interview process.

Never worked with a recruitment agency before? Let us introduce you to what we do. First and foremost, recruitment agencies are highly specialized and offer in-depth knowledge of various and particular employment sectors. Agencies are experienced and can offer “inside information” on organizations and their hiring process to help prepare you for the next step. We’ll offer tips and ideas on questions to prepare for, questions to ask, and how to present yourself as the ideal candidate prior to your first interview.

Ultimately, we’re here to enable talented job seekers to achieve their career goals and land their ideal job. The mark of a good recruitment agency? Commitment to helping our clients explore all their possibilities. We’ll be there to assist in placing you in the right role for your skills, experience, and interests. We’re also there to facilitate career pivots and guide you on the best path.

Working with Camp 6 is a unique experience. We give our candidates a head-start over others seeking similar positions, because we’re able to directly connect you to key decision makers at the companies you covet. You’ll be working with experts who have experience across many different industries, including recruitment. We’re engaged in multiple searches in your industry at any given time and are committed advocates of ethical hiring practices and fairness, looking to balance demographic imbalance across Canada.

At Camp 6, we’ll support, guide, and advise you through every step of the hiring process. We dig deep into your background, your goals, and most importantly help you realize your full potential. When you partner with Camp 6 you’ll receive the engagement and full effort of an entire team, working on your behalf, introducing you to forward-thinking companies that are committed to equality and fairness in the workplace.