Breaking new ground, inspiring meaningful change, and restoring optimism.

Driven by bravery, passion, and the desire to balance the scales of employment diversity across Canada.

About Camp 6

Innovation is often born from problematic systems - problematic systems that reward some and overlook others.

For too long, organizations have looked to the same types of people when hiring for new positions or allocating promotions. This has continued for decades, despite the fact that these people are not an accurate reflection of the socio-demographic reality we live and work in today. But times are changing, and we're at the helm of this change.





As the first international staffing firm dedicated to bias-free placement of top candidates, Camp 6 is focused on the excellence that is found in Canada’s diverse talent pool. We look beyond bias and tirelessly advocate for greatness regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, age, and more.

We recognized that this hiring bias was not only holding our nation’s diverse talent back, but it comes at a significant innovational and operational cost to organizations. We offer an effective solution to the problem of demographic imbalance within these industries’ ecosystem. We’re putting our beliefs.


Where the system has been failing Canadians, Camp 6 is prevailing and bringing about change. Our aim is to disrupt the industry and completely revolutionize employment diversity across the country. We’re well aware of the issues with the demographic makeup of present day organizations and how they’re lacking.
Through our work we will not only put the spotlight on the vast and remarkable talent Canada has to offer, but we’ll help organizations reach success through uncovering these diverse segments of society that are often overlooked. on equality and fairness into action and leading organizations across all industries to be more inclusive. Rather than being built in tradition and status quo, Camp 6 is built in its values and a united vision of the future of recruiting and our country’s overall demographic ecosystem. Our belief system benefits both the organization and the individuals behind them.

What we do is based in fairness. Many recruiting agencies claim to find the top candidates for their clients, but none promise to do so in an unbiased way. While Camp 6 looks at the typical talent pool, our focus is on shining a light on all excellence, in all its forms. Each candidate, regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation is considered equally under the same conditions, with open-mindedness.

Camp 6 strives to balance the scales of employment diversity. We tirelessly champion quality and excellence and believe this goes hand-in-hand with equality and better representation. We’ve judgement-free, and above all else, are here to promote inclusivity and fairness.